What is an Educational Advocate?

Special Education is unlike any other area of education. The process is designed to include parents as active members of the IEP team. Parents often feel overwhelmed and unsure of their role in the process. A parent advocate supports parents as they learn how to navigate the system.

  • An Advocate knows your child, knows the process, and knows the special education laws.
  • An Advocate educates and empowers parents to take an active role in their child's special education team.
  •  An Advocate works to bring families and school districts to the table to work collaboratively on behalf of what is best for the student.






Sound Familiar?

My child is struggling in school, but the school says all their testing is "normal" and he/she doesn't qualify for special education. 

The teacher says my child doesn't pay attention in class and needs medication.

I need help reading and understanding my child's IEP. How do I know what services he or she is receiving?