Special Education Advocacy

Are you ready to get started working together to improve your child's special education program or to get your child the help they need at school?  Don't wait any longer, contact Jessie today. 

Below you will find a general outline of our procedures and services:

  • Intake Phone Call or Email: Contact Jessie with your questions or concerns about your child's current program. Together, we can work out a plan to move forward. All initial intake calls and emails are free of charge.
  • Records Review: Once your retainer and paperwork is received, Jessie will review the documentation in preparation for the Initial Meeting.
  • Initial Meeting (in person): Creating Advocacy requires the first planning meeting to be in person. Together, you and Jessie will begin prioritizing the issues and creating a plan for moving forward.
  • Video/phone Conferencing: After the initial meeting, video/phone conferencing may be utilized.
  • Classroom Observation: Jessie is an adept program observer. With 10 years of teaching experience, she has keen eye for what is working and what strategies can be put in place to improve and individualize a student's classroom experience. 
  • In-home Supports: Academic Coaching services available. Jessie can teach you strategies to end homework battles forever! 
  • Reading & Writing Assessments: COMING SOON!
  • IEP Team Meetings: Learn how to navigate the special education process with Jessie by your side.
  • IEP Development: From the mission statement to the goals & objectives, Jessie will teach you the ins & outs and how to utilize your student's IEP. 
  • Mediation: When districts and parents can not agree on the best programming for a student, mediation can be a very powerful tool. Jessie can support you through this process as well.